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      What are Santa's Favorite Jiu-Jitsu Techniques?

      What are Santa's Favorite Jiu-Jitsu Techniques

      You might be surprised to know, but Santa Claus is a bona fide Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt! Yes, you read that right. A BJJ black belt

      But really, it shouldn't be surprising at all. Santa's yearly delivery of presents can be quite dangerous. Think about it: a big, flamboyantly dressed man, traipsing around the world, sneaking into people's houses while they're sleeping... there's no telling what - or who - he might encounter. 

      So what exactly might his favorite submissions be? Read on... 

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      Kingz 2022 - Top Sellers

      kingz 2022 - top sellers

      As we come closer to the new year, we can’t help but think about all that the year has brought. It was an eventful year for the Brazilian jiu-jitsu community!

      At the end of the year, we like to check and see which products sold the most. This helps us gauge what our customers like, and then helps us create more awesome products.

      This year’s “top five” results held some surprises...


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      Kingz Watch - Ffion Davies

      With the Current Pandemic and Lockdown measures the world is facing, Jiu Jitsu is currently off the table for most of us. However the IBJJF and Flograppling have been releasing matches from their extensive libraries for us to enjoy while being stuck at home ! We thought we would bring you our list of our favorite Ffion Davies match ups available on the IBJJF Youtube ! 

      Ffion Davies vs Jessica Flowers - European championship 2020

      The most recent entry on this list, Ffion was aiming to make history by becoming the lightest athlete to win the European Absolutes. She faced Gracie Barra's Jessica Flowers a heavyweight competitor who was a Pan and World NoGi champion. Jessica would pull guard, but Ffion ended up breaking her opponents closed guard and passing forcing Jessica to attempt to turtle where Ffion would take the back and close out the match trying to submit Jessica from the back.

      Ffion Davies vs Amanda Monteiro - World Nogi 2018 

      Ffion's first major title as a black belt, this was Ffions black belt major debut. In the finals she faced a world champion in GF Teams Amanda Monteiro, in her first Black belt major finals Ffion would dominate and win 7-0 to secure her first world title. 

      Ffion Davies vs Gabriela Fechter - European Championships 2019 

      Ffions first major black belt Gi title. she faced a familiar foe in Gabriela Fechter who she fought on her rise through the belts. In this instance Ffion would dominate Fechter sweeping and passing her guard finishing on the back with a choke. An impressive debut for her first major black belt Gi title. 

      Ffion Davies vs Karen Antunes - Pan Championship 2019

      At the 2019 Pan Championship Ffion faced the defending world champion of her weight class in Karen Antunes, providing the biggest test of her young black belt career. In a close match up, Ffion took the win after taking Karen down before being swept and sweeping her back for the 4-2 win. 

      Ffion Davies vs Ana Carolina Schmitt - Brasileiro 2019 

       Ffion became the first british athlete to take gold at the Brasileiros at Black belt in 2019, where she faced Ana Carolina Schmitt in a dominating performance. Taking the back and choking the tough Scmitt. Scmitt would win the worlds later on in the year further showing how impressive Ffion's win was.