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      How to Wash Your BJJ Gi

      how to wash your bjj gi

      Your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gi is one of the most abused piece of clothing in your closet. What else is is sweated in days on end, sweated on by countless others, grabbed and pulled and jerked around?  

      At the end of each use, your BJJ gi is undeniably disgusting. Which is why washing it - and correctly - is so important. All that sweat, grime and bacteria build up, transforming a humble piece of cotton into something less than appealing. 

      This eventual deterioration is inevitable, but you can delay it's advance... and therefore extending the longevity of your jiu-jitsu gi and keeping yourself from becoming "that smelly guy" on the mat. 

      Here are my top BJJ gi washing tips...

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      Finding the Right BJJ Academy

      Finding the Right BJJ Academy

      We make choices all the time. Some choices are inconsequential, while others hold a bit more weight. Choosing the right Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy is one of the latter. 

      Whether you've never done BJJ before and you're looking to get into it, or you're on the hunt for a new academy, finding the right academy is important. Not only is jiu-jitsu an investment - so you don't want to waste good, hard-earned money on a place that isn't going to meet your needs - but it's also a community of people. You want to find a place that you'll feel welcome, you'll feel safe to engage in pretend murder, and you'll potentially find life-long friends. 

      Here are some tips that will help... 

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      Athlete Spotlight: Sarah Galvão

      Sarah Galvão

      Every year, we're seeing more and more young phenoms dominating the highest levels of jiu-jitsu. And every year, more of this group are the progeny of former world champions and Brazilian jiu-jitsu legends, such as Kingz Athlete Sarah Galvão.

      Anyone who's been on the mats long enough have basically seen Sarah grow up. The only child of two of the sport's most recognizable legends, Sarah has recently come into her own, following in the footsteps of her parents. 

      We took a moment to chat with Sarah about her life, her goals, and what makes her who she is today...

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      Review: Legends Never Die Gi

      Review: Legends Never Die Gi

      Nearly one year ago, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community was shocked by the announcement that one of the greatest athletes to have ever stepped on the mat had died: Leandro Lo Pereira do Nascimento.

      At only 33 years old, Leandro was shot and killed at a nightclub in Brazil. 

      The announcement shook the community because he was more than just a multiple time world champion... he was a legend, both as an athlete and as a person. 

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      How Masters Athletes Can Train Injury-Free

      Masters BJJ Athletes Can Train Injury-Free

      Whether you started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu prior to your 30s, or you started after, there's no denying that it just hits a little differently. It hits harder, for sure. 

      As much as our minds might refuse to believe that we're no longer the invincible specimens of humanity we were in our youth, our bodies continually remind us. We no longer have energy for days. We don't bounce back from injuries as easily anymore. Even just sleeping in the wrong position now causes us unending grief. 

      So, how do we train now, so as to avoid any forced time off the mat? Here are four tips...

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